Tuesday, August 08, 2017

Time to fight back against the lies

Kurt Schlichter writes at Town Hall,
... truth-telling is the province of the free and the proud, not the enslaved and the humiliated.

· Mueller is investigating a claim where the main accuser is his bestest buddy

· Mueller is appointing a team consisting of Democrat donors, including the male husband (apparently I have to specify for these people) of an Obama judge

· Mueller is tolerating his team leaking confidential info to the press designed to hurt the Trump administration

· Mueller is expanding the scope of this farce far beyond his assignment

· Mueller chose to impanel a grand jury in a town where 96% of the voters opposed Trump – not quite the anti-Trump ratio of his team, but close

This is a scam, a fraud, and a farce and we should all be shouting it from the rooftops while encouraging Trump to fire this Democrat operative.

But of course, the GOP jerks are paralyzed when they have to choose whether to speak forbidden truths. So they keep mouthing the lie that this is a legal process instead of a suit-and-tie lynch mob designed to overturn the result of the election. Useless jackasses like Ben Sasse and Jeff Flake – they actually look like donkeys – are so busy braying about “principles” that they overlook America’s key principle: we get to pick our own leaders, and the entrenched establishment doesn’t.

But then, they like the entrenched establishment and they are doing their best to entrench themselves in it in all the traditional ways. They are writing stupid books no one buys to establish DC credibility, and engaging in McCainian blue falconry to win (transitory) liberal media approval by stabbing other Republicans in the back. I guess it’s hard to call out the lies when you’re repeating them.

You can’t be a father and be a woman, no matter what you do to your body with scalpels and syringes. You can’t be on the side of justice when you are entangled in grotesque and undeniable conflicts of interest, and you can’t be a conservative if everything you do is designed to conserve unchallenged progressive domination.

Time to say “No.” Time to refuse to go along and get along. Time to fight the culture war instead of surrendering to the lies. Time to fight the legal war and refuse to allow our justice system to be exploited by prosecutors so biased and dishonest they wouldn’t pass muster in 1600s Salem. Time to fight the political war against the frauds, fakes, and Flakes infecting our party.

Because if we don’t, they are going to keep pushing and pushing and pushing, and they are going to demand we submit to subjugation, and then we’re going to have to fight another kind of war to preserve our liberty and our Constitution. And that would be really, really bad. Mostly for them.
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