Friday, August 04, 2017

Outrageous leaking

In this Laura Ingraham Show, we learn how our politics have become criminalized.

Laura wants President Trump to continue holding rallies across the United States. No one is better than he is in communicating his goals and policies.

Mueller has a staff of fifteen lawyers, nine of whom are hard core Democrat donors.

Someone has leaked to the Washington Post the entire transcripts of phone calls President Trump made to the presidents of Mexico and Australia. This criminal behavior is unprecedented in American history. What other foreign leaders are going to want to talk with Trump on the phone?

Laura says that HR McMasters has been purging pro-Trump people from the National Security Council.

Economist Steve Moore came on the program to point out that we get 32 percent of our electricity from coal. Solar energy gives us one percent of our electricity. We have increased our coal production by 12 percent in the first six months of 2017. It has been the single biggest source of electricity production over that time period. Moore pointed out that other industries such as manufacturing and steel production are also positively impacted by increased coal production.

The next big thing to help the economy is for Trump to sell the idea of a tax cut to the American people.

Andrew McCarthy was also a guest, discussing the grand jury.

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