Wednesday, August 09, 2017

"It is not easy for the opponents of truth to have a battle with truth!"

James Damore gives his first interview since being fired by Google. And guess who is the interviewer? Dr. Jordan Peterson noted evolutionary psychologist who was banned from Google's YouTube for a while! Why was Damore fired? "Perpetuating gender stereotypes!" He observed that the culture at Google tries to silence any dissenting view. "I don't know how they expect to silence so many engineers and intelligent people!"

What does Damore want? "Open discussion, so the ideologues can't just have their way!"

Dr. Peterson warns him that "When someone causes trouble, the first response of the media and public is to jump on you and allege "there's something wrong with you." But Damore has no history of trouble-making. Peterson advises him to "steel yourself," stay calm and composed like you are in this interview." "You are not the kind of person who can be easily transformed into a villain!"

Peterson then goes point-by-point through the document that got Damore fired from Google.

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