Saturday, December 03, 2016

Where millennials actually helped Trump win!

Jack Hadfield reports at Breitbart,
Millennials are the fasting growing section of the electorate. In Florida, they represent 20% of the electorate and currently outnumber the over-65 age group.

...In terms of the national vote, Trump won 37% of the youth vote – the exact same percentage Romney received in the last election. However, the Democratic vote share dropped by 5%, likely caused by the Democratic party’s rejection of Bernie Sanders, who millennials much preferred to Clinton.

This rejection of Clinton was seen most starkly in the Sunshine State, with the Democrats winning their support only 54% to 36% – a swing of 16 points to the Republicans from 2012.

Trump’s marginal victory of 1.3% in Florida equated to approximately 120,000 votes. If the millennial voting patterns of 2012 had remained the same, Clinton would have taken Florida, and its crucial 29 electors by around 250,000 votes.

Young Republicans in Florida put their success with millennials down to the constant campaigning that they carried out within their own community, rather than any message from the GOP establishment.

“There’s more truth and value in focusing get out the vote efforts on millennials using peer to peer methods as opposed to the top-down approach,” says Lauren Cooley, co-founder of Campus Red PAC, a pro-Trump youth campaign group run by millennials. “CR PAC was the only organization that launched with this approach, and the youth vote swung the election. We capitalized on this groundswell of support for conservative values in millennials on college campuses, akin to but on a smaller scale, what Trump did nationally as an America First candidate.”

...Despite outreach efforts geared to racial minorities, the RNC has not yet funded any programs geared to persuade millennials.

...“We went dorm to dorm, peer to peer, and formed relationships by discussing issues on an individual basis, instead of shaming those who disagreed with us into silence.
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