Monday, December 12, 2016

How the national media lost influence

Jesse James writes at Virginia Freemen,
American politics is largely the game of letting the least qualified and most covetous among us have power over the strongest military, domestic police force, tax base and nuclear arsenal the world has ever known…and wondering every four years what went wrong.

...Despite what the race-obsessed statists can’t seem to understand, diversity is not treating people like crayons and collecting one of every color. True diversity is having substantive differences in viewpoints about actual things, because outside the proverbial ivory tower, people largely define themselves by what they believe not what box gets checked in the census every decade. Diversity is having Louis Farrakhan, Richard Spencer, Bernie Sanders, Ted Cruz, Patrick Buchanan, and Bill Buppert on your editorial board. The NYT would increase their readership by a thousandfold and once again be worth reading.

...This obsession with rooting out all but the most conformist ideas is precisely what drove the discourse out of the national media’s hands and into the social media’s.

... Can you kill an idea or opinion by banning it?
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