Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Will Governor Christie reschedule Halloween?

From the blog A View From The Right: "Are New Jersey residents so brain-dead, helpless, and out-of-control that their governor has to order them to keep their own children safe at home?" This question is referring to a tweet by Governor Chris Christie in which he said he would "reschedule" Halloween if he felt it necessary for the safety of children. Buck writes, "Does he believe that parents are so ignorant and mindless that they will be shoving their scared, costumed young children out into dark, un-lighted, storm-damaged, flooded neighborhood streets, if he doesn’t use the force of government to stop them?" Sage McLaughlin writes, " New Jersey is a state so mindlessly statist that it is illegal there to pump one’s own gas. This ban is justified on the incandescently stupid grounds that it provides jobs to gas station attendants, an idea one would have expected to encounter in Communist Russia circa 1922. I have yet to meet a person from New Jersey who either objects to this on principle, or understands why it is so idiotic, or is the least bit comprehending of the obvious arguments against it. I’ve tried, and I get nothing but blank stares. In fact, I have never visited any place where the government is so in-your-face from the moment you arrive as New Jersey. It is no surprise that the loudmouthed, self-important Christie was elected there, nor that he assumes the people there are incapable of figuring out something like whether or not to send their children out on Halloween in a flooded state." Read more here: http://www.amnation.com/vfr/archives/023678.html P.S. I see where Governor Christie and President Obama are together tonight in New Jersey, where Christie is praising Obama for showing concern.

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