Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Did Panetta lie?

David R. Graham comments at Camp of the Saints:"Panetta lied patently when he said US military does not go into a hot, emergent situation with insufficient and multiply-confirmed intel. There are military units accessible to every Regional Command tasked with doing exactly that, because life, including diplomatic and military life, is full of situations that must be addressed immediately, on-the-fly, without question and without sufficient prior knowledge of goings-on in the subject area. And there are multiple tiers of units every Regional Command can summon to be sent in to back up the first response unit if requested by that unit or resolved upon by the Regional Commander." "Those first responders know they are going in more or less blind. They train for that mission. Their training lets them asses, their commo lets them describe and their authority lets them request – all in real-time – whatever they need to accomplish the mission once they have “hit the ground running,” which mission typically has more than one objective. Normal response procedure to first responders is, give them what they want, because as “boots on the ground” their knowledge and recommendation govern."

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