Friday, January 11, 2019

Will Barr restore the integrity and credibility of the Justice Department?

In Fox News, Gregg Jarrett explains how Rosenstein
acted improperly and without justification to create the special counsel position filled by Mueller.

First, since Sessions had recused himself from the Russia investigation, there was no conflict of interest. A special counsel can only be created when such a conflict exists.

Second, at the time Mueller was appointed to lead the Russia investigation, it was a counterintelligence probe – not a criminal investigation. There is no provision in the law to appoint special counsels to investigate counterintelligence matters.

Third, when Mueller was appointed there was no evidence of a suspected crime, as required in order to appoint a special counsel.

...Having authored the memo advocating the termination of Comey, Rosenstein became a “fact witness” in any potential, albeit specious, obstruction of justice case against President Trump. Indeed, he was interviewed as such by the special counsel.

Yet, unbelievably, Rosenstein continued to preside over the very case in which he is a witness. This violates federal regulations and the Code of Professional Responsibility that dictates the conduct of lawyers. It also violates plain commonsense.

...Once Barr becomes attorney general, politically motivated decision-making will be banished. Corrupt tactics will be halted. Restoring the integrity and credibility of the Justice Department – once a great law enforcement institution – will not happen overnight, but it will be Barr’s enduring challenge in the months ahead.
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