Friday, January 11, 2019

Political theater

JJ Sefton introduces his links today with these thoughts:
Good morning kids. The weekend is here at last and President Trump's 100% justified, legal and determined stand against the Democrat-Left-Media Complex's refusal to secure our borders and ensure our safety for short term political gain and long term political domination (and other evil ideological goals), with the concomitant political theater of the government "shutdown" continues. The media's horrible performances from everyone from failed manicurist Anna Navarro to failed man Jm J Acosta and most disastrously from that hostage video of Cuck Schemer and Nancy Palsi serve not as cogent counterargument to the President but as an underscore in double red lines with exclamation points as to how horribly, dangerously wrong they are. I think this past week has made me come to the realization that it's not necessarily that Trump is so brilliant (and that said, I think he does play at a level that is at lest two or three steps ahead of the Dems) it's just that the Dems are so obvious in their strategy and tactics that almost anyone can minimally beat them at their own game, and if you're someone like Trump, totally own them. The key to it is actually getting into the metaphorical sewer with them and holding their heads under the effluent spigot. We have never had anyone do it before. And Trump does it with ease, not because he's malicious or mean; for all his tough, no-nonsense businessman image, I get the strong sense that he's probably one of the nicest, most decent guys out there. Just look at how he treats our military and law enforcement people as an example. And for all the handwringing about Trump being a crude gavone from Queens, that is exactly what America needs at this time to beat these bastards. But I digress.
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