Monday, April 16, 2018

Twitter Tidbits

Razor tweeted,
Shorter Comey: I felt the extremely careless candidate was leading, so I drafted her exoneration figuring she’d beat the morally unfit candidate, against whom I have evidence of obstruction, which I did nothing with for 11 months but buy my book.

The New York Times tweeted,
The New York Times shares the Pulitzer in National Reporting with The @WashingtonPost for coverage that unearthed possible ties between Russia and President Trump’s inner circle

James Hasson responded,
With all due respect, giving a Pulitzer to a story that unearthed “possible ties” to something that’s still unconfirmed feels a little like giving a Nobel Peace Prize to a newly-elected President based on his campaign.

Ryan Fournier tweeted,
Bill Clinton paid Paula Jones $850,000 after he assaulted her. Does anyone remember the FBI raiding his attorney? Neither do I.

Robert Muller tweeted,
Republicans continue with their false claims that the Steele dossier is 'unverified', here are some details that our investigators successfully verified:

Does Trump pee? Yes
Was Trump in Russia? Yes
Did Trump pee in Russia? Yes
Are there hookers in Russia? Yes

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