Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Drip, drip, drip goes the New York Times

The Left is all over the New York Times' stories about Donald Trump Jr. meeting with a Russian lawyer. Donald has released the email chain pertaining to setting up the meeting. Apparently she or the PR guy who contacted Trump Jr. implied the meeting would provide some information about Hillary. But when the meeting took place, it was about a client of the lawyer who wanted sanctions lifted. Apparently the client was one of the people whose assets were frozen because of some human rights violations.
As I understand it, some offer was made by her that perhaps the ban on Americans adopting Russian children could be lifted, if the Trump team could lift sanctions. Bannon was in the meeting on his cell phone the whole time. Jared Kushner was in the meeting only for five or ten minutes. The meeting lasted 20-25 minutes.

Who are the Times' anonymous leakers? Is it coming from Mueller's Special Counsel team? Laura thinks so.

On to health care. Laura's idea is to repeal Obamacare and let people keep current policies for up to two years, while reform details are worked out. Before Obamacare the US spent 5% of its gross national product on health care. Now we spend 20%! Hospitals are making money on Obamacare, and lobbying hard in communities across the nation to keep it. Medicaid costs have soared under Obamacare.

Newt Gingrich pointed out to Laura that Obama's best year of economic growth was slower than Bill Clinton's worst year. Gingrich was Speaker for four of those years. Gingrich believes Trump should focus on economics, and get a tax reform bill signed into law by Thanksgiving, retroactive to January 1, 2017.

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