Thursday, February 02, 2017

Will there be consequences in the next election?

Paul Bedard reports at the Washington Examiner,
Democrats are falling into disarray over President Trump's Supreme Court nomination of Neil Gorsuch, with Senate leaders refusing to meet the acclaimed judge despite a growing parade of support from other party leaders.

While Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer has 'dissed the federal appeals judge, 20 prominent Democrats, including former President Obama's top lawyer, have endorsed Gorsuch.

The list, provided to Secrets and shown below, included the son of former top Carter aide Hamilton Jordan who said, "Having worked closely with Judge Gorsuch as one of his law clerks, I can attest that he is a compassionate and courageous public servant who cares deeply about the rule of law and the critical role of an independent judiciary. He approaches each case as I believe a judge should: with an open mind and a real ambition to get it right. The Senate would do well to confirm him."

Administration officials confirmed that Schumer and his leadership team won't even grant Gorsuch a courtesy call.
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