Monday, February 20, 2017

"Selective outrage strikes again."

Glenn Reynolds weighs in on the Milo book cancellation:
Lena Dunham writes a book where she reminisces about abusing her baby sister and it’s no big deal. Milo talks about being abused, says it wasn’t that bad, and Simon & Schuster cancels his contract. Double standards indeed.

Meanwhile, he should self-publish. He’ll make a lot more money, and, really, you can’t rely on lefty platforms. They’ll cut you loose in a second.

Ace of Spades also weighs in with,
I would say an important additional dimension here is that if they can do it to him, they can do it to you too.
Ace goes on to one of his lengthy analyses here.

At Instapundit,Anchorman comments,
Again, the original Vagina Monologues had an older lesbian rape a minor girl and the narrator called it, "Yeah, it was rape, but it was a good rape."

Point? Selective outrage strikes again.

Instapundit commenter AmyH writes,
Is there an analogous term to Stockholm Syndrome for young people who are abused and groomed into a homosexual lifestyle? Cause that is what Milo (and a lot of other gay men) suffer from. It is kinda stupid to pillory him for that though.

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