Saturday, January 05, 2019

Just go ahead and say it, Victor!

In National Review, Victor Davis Hanson takes a look at Romney's anti-Trump positions recently expressed by Romney in a Washington Post op-ed. I have noticed that when VDH is writing for National Review, he tones down his observations, as compared to when he is writing at American Greatness. These two paragraphs are the closest ones VDH comes to making a strong stand.
...“Character” should not be a debatable proposition in presidential governance, but it is — and always has been. (And it can be defined also by embracing policies that lead to millions of the once dispossessed enjoying an economy and jobs not seen in years.)

...I wish sober and judicious temperament was synonymous with successful governance, but, alas, so often it is not — a confession that is not an endorsement for crassness. Had Romney in 2012 sincerely used the first-personal possessive pronoun “our” to reference millions of displaced workers in Michigan, Ohio, and Pennsylvania rather than writing off 47 percent of the country as hopelessly lost to Republicans as inveterate takers, or had he just expressed something akin to Ronald Reagan’s 1988 New Hampshire primary-debate outrage (“I am paying for this microphone!”) when CNN moderator Candy Crawley quite unethically hijacked the second debate and unprofessionally became a contextualizer for candidate Barack Obama, he might well have been president.
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