Tuesday, January 08, 2019

Decades-long lack of border security

At the Ace of Spades blog, JJ Sefton brings us many links to read. Here are some of his own comments prefacing some of the links.
President Trump will take to the airwaves in a national address at 9:00PM Eastern tonight that will be carried by the networks (who were insisting they would not air it and then caved), with some sort of Democrat response on CNN. He is also planning a trip to the border this Thursday. The President has stated he was strongly considering declaring a national emergency over the issue of border security and the decades-long lack of any via active sabotage by the Democrats and their GOP confederates. Considering that we potentially have upwards of 10% of our population residing here illegally, which is a massive drain and cancer on every aspect of our society and economy - which not coincidentally serves to bolster the Democrats and their allies who seek the overthrow and destruction of America as founded for their benefit - it is a national crisis on a par with war. In fact, all things considered, it is a war since our government, society and way of life are in mortal danger. It's just that the enemy is essentially an internal one - both the 20-30 million illegal aliens and the Democrat Party itself. And now that the Democrat-Left controls the House, beyond all the impeachment rhetoric, we have the insane talk of abolishing the electoral college as well as trying to further destroy the Senate (as if the 17th amendment wasn't enough) being belched up all over the place from the usual gaggle of Leftist sub-morons and tyrants (BIRM). And then I have to read about Nancy Palsi's dentures clattering out some galling remark that Trump wants to abolish Congress. Don't make my mouth water, lady.

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