Monday, July 03, 2017

"When red lines mean something, peace through strength is possible."

Chris Plante is a talk radio host in the Washington DC area. After reading about him at PJ Media, I decided to give him a listen.

"No editors, no peace!" That is what New York Times copy editors chanted last week during a walkout to protest coming layoffs. Chris said, "They get so much stuff wrong, it is amazing that these people think they should keep their jobs!."

Chris wishes President Trump could tweet more about his accomplishments and less about people who are ridiculing him in the media. Last week Trump actually had a steady stream of accomplishments. Kate's Law and No Sanctuary for Criminals both passed the House. Syria was getting ready to do another chemical weapons attack, and Trump said, "Don't do it!" When red lines mean something, peace through strength is possible. NATO countries are beginning to pony up for their defense.

Trump also had a couple of victories in the Supreme Court, where Justice Gorsuch is doing just fine.

Joe and Mika have been preening with all the attention. Mika has her recently altered chin held high.

The "Bezos Post gave Trump three pinnochios for telling the 100% truth about Medicaid funding, which will, in fact, continue to increase in the new health care bill.

Trump anti-woman? No, but he is anti-Mika.

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