Tuesday, July 04, 2017

What to do about North Korea?

A sober July 4 Special Report with Bret Baier tonight, because of North Korea's firing of an intercontinental ballistic missile within the last 24 hours. This is the first time they have fired an ICBM. It is said to be capable of going 4000 miles, which would enable it to hit Alaska. It went 1700 miles up in the atmosphere and landed 568 miles away in the Sea of Japan. It is the 11th missile they have fired this year. The US and South Korea test-fired anti-missile systems today.

Nikki Haley has asked for a special session of the UN Security Council, which may take place tomorrow afternoon. One problem with that: China is head of that Council for the month of July.

Another new development: North Korea used a mobile missile launcher, like a flatbed truck, making it harder to hit at an early stage.

This is where 25 years of failed US policy has gotten us with North Korea. Tens of thousands of artillery are pointed at South Korea by North Korea. Charles Krauthammer pointed out that the Chinese are afraid of what Japan might do. Perhaps we should help them get nukes?

President Trump leaves tomorrow for Poland for the G20 summit. He will presumably have opportunities to meet both with Putin and Xi. Putin is demanding we distance ourselves from the Korean peninsula.

Trump and the Pope are trying to intervene to help Charlie Gard's parents bring him to America for experimental treatment.

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