Tuesday, July 04, 2017

Trump's media co-dependence, standing up to bullies, health care, conditions in nursing homes, McConnell

Powerline's John Hinderaker hosted Laura Ingraham's Show yesterday. He and Byron York pointed out that Donald Trump has for three decades been co-dependent with the media. Trump believes he would not have been elected without tweeting. Those who tangle with Trump come away diminished themselves.

John tells us about a doctor in Minnesota. He is Muslim. He went to a small rural community to open his medical practice and was warmly received. Then the election took place. The community voted for Trump. The doctor was appalled. Like a typical Democrat, he believes, "if you disagree with me, there is something wrong with you."

John fielded calls from all over the nation. Many of the calls were about Trump's tweets about the media. Not presidential? How about LBJ's vulgarity? JFK's swimming nude with multiple women in the White House pool? Bill Clinton's sexual escapades with Monica Lewinsky? Did the press say these men were "not presidential?" Unlike Trump, George W. Bush kept silent when constantly attacked by the media. They destroyed him! Trump stands up to bullies, something we all ought to do! (He says as his fingers pound harder on the keyboard)!

Former New York Lt. Governor Betsy McCoy is always an impressive guest, especially on the subject of health care. Medicaid used to be a safety net for the poor. Obamacare turned it into a program for half the nation. Did you know that half of all births in the US are now paid for by Medicaid? 74 million people are now on Medicaid, which is 20 million more than are on Medicare, the program for seniors. There are not cuts to Medicaid in the GOP bill, only slowdowns in the rate of increase!

They did not go into it much, but Betsy tells John that many seniors in nursing homes are living in deplorable conditions. Do you hear any Democrats decrying that fact? When I was Director of Human Services in Durango, Colorado, we filed complaints with the state about our local nursing home, which led to hearings, and finally, changes to upgrade care.

Betsy makes the point that because of Senator McConnell's insistence on 60 votes to pass legislation, the Republicans are not actually in charge of the Senate! They would be, if he were willing to accept a 51 vote majority, which the Constitution allows.

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