Monday, July 17, 2017

The scandal of Democrats blocking Trump appointments

John Hinderaker guest-hosted Laura's show this morning. His focus was the scandal of how the Democrats are preventing the Trump administration from staffing the government. The president has the top three tiers of employees in each bureaucracy of the federal government. By the end of June in his first administration President Obama had 183 confirmed by the Senate. Trump had 46!

How are the Democrats doing this? They are invoking an ancient rule of the Senate requiring that each committee is not supposed to conduct business for more than two hours after the Senate opens for business each day! In addition, there is a two day waiting period for each nominee to be considered, and 30 hours of debate!

What needs to be done? 1. Get the word out regarding what is happening. 2. Change the rules of the US Senate! President Trump could also follow Obama's lead and make recess appointments every time the Senate is in recess.

Every cabinet bureaucracy is staffed with bureaucrats who are over 90% Democrats!

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