Tuesday, July 04, 2017

Economic national security

Sundance is busy at The Conservative Treehouse. One of his posts is, as often is the case, about economics.
...Most are not aware that in reality, Steven Mnuchin has more control over economic national security than Secretary of Defense General Mattis has over military national security. Both Secretary of State Rex Tillerson and Defense Secretary Mattis are more reliant on Mnuchin than any other cabinet member.

No-one ever fully understood the national security trade leverage, apart from economic sanctions aspect, other than businessman Donald Trump, then candidate Donald Trump, and now President Donald Trump. His economic views/policies are specifically and intensely focused on America’s interests first. Hence, MAGA.

Team Trump (Mnuchin, Ross, Lighthizer, Tillerson etc) are using every angle and point of leverage to unraveling decades of global tentacles undermining our economy. [EXPLAINED HERE] Every single Trump policy is connected to economic security.

As we are seeing in action, the energy sector is the first beneficiary. This makes sense because it underlines all other manufacturing advantages. However, all other manufacturing sectors of a revitalized U.S. industrial economy will also benefit over time as the policies are actualized.
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