Friday, July 07, 2017

Lock him up!

Paul Crookston reports at the Washington Free Beacon,
A man from New York was arrested Thursday after trying to enter Trump Tower with a bulletproof vest and two knives and telling the Secret Service that he was a senator who needed to meet Ivanka Trump.

The New York Police Department says that Adames Benitez, a 52-year-old man from the Bronx, claimed to be there to discuss Trump's clothing line, ABC reports. Benitez had a forged New York State identity card, and he faces charges for that as well as for criminal possession of a weapon.

He also had a tied off sock with a weight in it, according to police.

Benitez not only said he was a senator, but that he owned Trump Tower. He was taken to a hospital to undergo a psychiatric evaluation.

Benitez would not have been able to meet Trump had he gotten through security, since she is in Europe. ABC said it is unclear whether Benitez has a lawyer who can comment on the charges.

Trump's clothing line has made headlines after a boycott backfired and led to increased sales. Other designers have criticized Trump and used opposition to her clothes to promote their products.

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