Thursday, July 13, 2017

"Joka," Mueller stacking the deck with Democrats, health care repeal and reform, Iran adhering to the nuke deal?

Yes, I listened to the Laura Ingraham Show again today, while cleaning freshly laid eggs.

Laura has named the Joe and Mika show as Joka.

An illegal immigrant who had already been deported seven times killed three people after drinking 12 beers and then driving.

The Justice Dept. will not defend DACA in court.

Laura believes the Mueller special counsel team is tainted, because he has stacked the deck with Democrats, and he is best buds with James Comey.

Laura put up a photo of a woman in DC with a full abaya dress. Laura thinks that should not be allowed because of the security risk. The French have outlawed the wearing of full burkas. Our primary ideal is freedom. The Left's primary ideals are multiculturalism and diversity. LA has a diversity monument.

Senator Rand Paul was a guest on today's program. He continues to push breaking health care into two parts: first, repeal Obamacare. Second, vote on how many new entitlements should be in the bill. He would vote for repeal, but not to add entitlements, which he described as a boondoggle for insurance companies, which already make 15 billion dollars a year under the current bill.

Senator Paul surprised me when he said Iran is adhering to the deal on nukes. He wants to get a new deal on ballistic missiles, which would include Saudia Arabia and other gulf nations, as well as Iran.

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