Saturday, July 15, 2017

From Make America Great Again to Make America Grate Again!

I know Michael Savage supported Trump in the primaries and general election, but until today I had not listened to him in many, many years. I guess he was the chaser after listening to Hannity earlier! If Michael Savage is your friend, I'd hate to see your enemies. He spent the first 13 minutes and 48 seconds (that's all I had time for) skewering Trump. He started off questioning why Trump is in Paris. The Obama travels cost American taxpayers over $100,000 dollars over eight years, and Savage thinks Trump may break that record.

Savage asks, Is American great again yet? Have taxes been lowered? Has the budget been cut? We have just had the greatest monthly trade deficit in history and the greatest budget increase in history. (Where are Savage's facts to back up those claims?) Savage laughs when he reads a quote Trump gave someone on the plane: "I back Comprehensive Immigration Reform." Savage said that is a euphemism for amnesty for illegal aliens.

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