Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Donald Trump Jr. releases email chains regarding meeting with Russian lawyer

Well, I guess the Donald Trump Jr. story is getting blown up to be something "yuge." Democrats are calling it treason for him to meet with an agent from a foreign country. Are they overplaying their hand? Tonight he will be on Hannity. On Bret Baier's Special Report it was given a lot of attention with Steve Hayes of the Weekly Standard (a NeverTrumper?) excoriating him and his father.

Of course, Representative Schiff from California said he should have reported the email requesting a meeting to the FBI. Disgusting Tim Kaine was eager to call it perjury and treason. Campaign manager Manafort was in the room and was copied in the emails. The attorney was asked by NBC if she had ties to the Russian government. Her answer? "Nyet!"

All of this, of course, detracts from the Trump agenda of tax reform and health care repeal and replace.

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