Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Democrats pushing diversions away from Trump's policies, Trump policies tougher on Russia than Obama's, communism more about power than economics

Laura Ingraham reminds us that the Democrats do not want Trump to focus on policy, such as tax reform, health care proposals, or deregulation, the economy, jobs. They jump on every"scandal" they can to keep him from focusing on fulfilling his promises.

Trump leaves in a few minutes for Paris to help the French celebrate Bastille Days.

How did the Russian lawyer get into the United States? Who approved her Visa? She had previously been denied. Was she representing a client who knows Putin?

Laura remembers 1992, when lots of Chinese money went into the Clinton campaign.

There is an article by someone named Kaufman (sp?) in National Review that talks about how much tougher Trump has been with the Russians than Obama was. Has anyone in the media ever asked Obama what he meant when he had the hot mic conversation promising to be more flexible with Russia after the 2008 election?

There is a good article on parenting teens by Elizabeth Egan in the Chicago Tribune.

The Wall Street Journal's Bill McGurn was a guest on today's program, and Laura discussed North Korea and China with him. One of his comments: communism is not so much about economics as it is about power. More about Lenin than Marx.

China's elites send their children to Harvard and Stanford and own mansions in L.A. Maybe they might be more affected by policies regarding Visa stays in the US.

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