Tuesday, June 06, 2017

Reality Winner, Trump crazy like a fox

Laura Ingraham takes a look at one of the intel-leakers who worked for a company that contracts with our National Security Agency. Her name is Reality Winner. She believes that being white is a crime. She sent classified info to Intercept, Glenn Greenwald's organization. She is a high school graduate from a Texas high school. I believe she is 25. She freely admitted what she had been doing. She tweeted that she stood with Iran's leader! How did she get clearance?

Mayor Kahn wants the UK to cancel a planned visit by President Trump. Mayor Kahn has his head buried in the sand.

Sean Davis is a co-founder of the Federalist. Sean wants Trump to get going on lower level appointments.

Laura thinks Trump is crazy like a fox. She is not one of the many who is criticizing him for tweeting.

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