Tuesday, June 06, 2017

Instantaneous appeasement!

At The Daily Wire, Andrew Klavan encourages us all sarcastically to have a loving and peaceful D-Day! We should not be intolerant of the Nazis. Who are we to say that our culture is better than theirs? What about the bad things we did to the Indians or someone? We cannot become Naziphobic. There weren't enough jobs for the Nazis. We didn't do a good enough job of assimilating them. Let's just tweet our thoughts and prayers and get used to the new normal of Nazis slaughtering us.

Our government does not need to censor us because it has corporations like YouTube and Netflix do it. YouTube had a documentary entitled The Jihadi Next Door. Andrew sent the video to his staff for them to make cuts for today's show, but before they could get to it, YouTube censored the terrorist out of the video! Netflix censored the word terrorist out of a Batman movie.

Andrew recommends an article by Theodore Dalrymple in the Wall Street Journal entitled, Terror and the Teddy Bear Society.

He also recommends a new book by Henry Olson entitled The Working Class Republican. Watch or listen to Andrew here.

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