Monday, June 12, 2017

Finally Trump has a full Cabinet, Comey the frightened victim, the Left/media's nonstop raw hatred directed at Trump is not working

Finally, Trump has all of his Cabinet members confirmed by the Senate. Rush Limbaugh observes that the Cabinet members seem excited about what they are about to accomplish, and happy to be working for Trump and the American people. Rush says this fact will drive the Left crazy. All this time they have been trying to convince us that President Trump is a bad man. Mindless non-stop raw hate is daily directed at Trump. Rush reminds us that it is not just Trump they hate; it is us! We didn't vote for the person we were supposed to vote for!

Back in February Rush met with Trump, Priebus, and Bannon at Mara Lago. Trump seemed surprised at the level of hatred directed at him. He assumed that when the election was over, the country would unify. This morning on Fox N Friends his daughter Ivanka expressed the same sentiment. Obviously, neither of them had been regular listeners to the Rush Limbaugh Show!

The Left has thoroughly penetrated our education system. Thoroughly indoctrinated our kids.

Then there is poor James Comey. The New York Times, Washington Post and LA Times all have columns today alleging that the way big bad Donald Trump dealt with poor wimpy 6'8" FBI Director Comey was exactly the way women are treated by men. Comey felt sexually harassed by Trump! Trump was that employer trying to grab what he wanted. Comey was the frightened victim cowardly trying to blend in with the curtains, lacking the courage to stand up to his boss. Just a powerless victim.

Comey and Mueller go way back. After Ashcroft got sick, Comey was appointed by George W. Bush as Acting Attorney General. Comey told Bush that both he and Mueller would resign if Bush continued to use warrantless wiretaps. Rush notes that because of the amount of money spent on special counsels, they always find someone to charge with a crime, in order to justify all the money and time.

Rush believes the Left/media will see how excited Trump's Cabinet is, and will drive the Left/media crazier, because their propaganda efforts are failing. We who voted for Trump are still strongly backing him and wanting his agenda to succeed. The Left/media's program of raw hatred is not working.

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