Sunday, June 11, 2017

What's going to change? Demand answers!

This may be Mark Steyn's most powerful Steynpost yet.

Mark believes that in the United Kingdom the state has tried to appropriate the terrorist murders for the state's own purposes. The authorities are consciously deflecting people away from demanding to know what is going to change. Instead, we have commemorations, candle light vigils, mourning the loss of people we didn't know. We cannot mourn someone we didn't know. We can avenge. We can demand change. We can take steps to prevent more and more corpses piled on a mound already too high!

Instead, our reaction drifts into the formulaic. We adopt the supportive hastag. Prime Minister Macron and Mayor Kahn tell us it is just part of living in a big city. It didn't used to be! It doesn't happen in other world class cities that protect citizens from unvetted migration (Tokyo, Bucharest, Warsaw are examples given by Mark). Mark insists this was a problem that was imported. Move the security perimeter to the national border!

This is happening at a time of great demographic change. It is happening among the groups that are being imported into European countries (not Hungary, Polan, or the Czech Republic). And it is happening at a rate in which they cannot be assimilated.

The most riveting comments from Mark concern what has happened in Rotherham, where hundreds of girls have been taken as sex slaves by the Muslim migrants. Police, Social Services, cab drivers and political authorities covered it up! Mark went there and talked with some of the child victims. One 12-year-old girl told Mark that one evening she was being forced to perform a sex act on a man in his car, when two policemen drove up along side them, rolled down their window and chatted with the man while she was performing the sex act on him. After chatting for a while, the police drove off into the night! The media has shown very little interest in investigating this sordid affair.

What is needed, according to Mark, is that we insist on the right to question, without being accused of being a hater or helping to divide people or not being in solidarity or any other feeble evasions. Demand answers as to what is going to change!

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