Wednesday, June 07, 2017

Unmasking, Comey, Christopher Wray, Susan Rice

This is not a trick question. Who is the nation's chief law enforcement officer? The answer: the President. Remember that tomorrow when James Comey makes his appearance before the Senate Intel Committee. By the way, Laura recommends Senators who have no experience cross-examining people should give their time to professionals who do have that experience. Laura would love to be the one cross-examining Comey. She sees him as a drama queen, prickly, prissy. By the way, Laura reminds us those are not male characteristics that females find attractive.

Laura believes Christopher Wray is a good choice to be FBI Director. She notes that he once was the head of the criminal division of the FBI, overseeing all different kinds of criminal cases.

Comey whined to Jeff Sessions that he did not want to meet privately with Donald Trump.

So, during the transition from Obama to Trump, there was unmasking. Laura says Susan Rice is very close to Valerie Jarrett. She was trusted by the Obama team to do whatever they wanted to be done, including lie on all the Sunday Shows about Benghazi. Laura notes there is a dearth of curiosity in the media about the Obama administration's unmasking of American citizens.

Senator Rand Paul was a guest. He is opposed to giving insurance companies money since they make $15 billion dollars a year.

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