Thursday, June 08, 2017

The Hillary "matter," Comey's drama day

Fox News Specialists takes a look at the news of the day with lively debate from different perspectives. Today they had Cory Lewandowski to give the pro-Trump administration view, and a Democrat strategist named Mary Ann Marsh, who wasn't the usual "I'll scream over you to make my points" Democrat.

Today, of course, there was mostly a discussion of the Comey hearings. I think it was Mr. Lewandowski who mentioned that Comey memorialized his meeting with Trump, but not the one with Obama's Attorney General Loretta Lynch, when she told him to refer to the investigation of Hillary Clinton not as an investigation, but as a "matter," which is exactly the term used by Hillary Clinton.

Kat Timpf made the point that people on both sides will take from today's hearing that which makes their own side looks good.

Cory made the point that anyone who has met President Trump knows how magnanimous he is in private. Cory is not buying Comey's "stunned" reaction when Trump spoke up for Flynn.

Mary Ann admitted that the Russian investigation has been going on for two full years now.

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