Friday, June 16, 2017

Republican Congress not protecting Trump. We have to!

Collusion? Yes, there is collusion. Not between Trump's team and the Russians. The collusion is between Democrats and Republicans on Capitol Hill! As Sundance would say, the Uni-Party! There is unending praise of Bob Mueller despite the fact that he and Comey are "besties;" despite the fact that Mueller has hired five staffers who have maxed out contributing to Democrats, and one was even Hillary's personal attorney; despite rampant leaks coming from the Mueller investigation. Are there not enough lawyers in DC?

It is Trump against the swamp! Trump is the skunk who sprayed everyone at the picnic! Now the picnickers are using the Mueller investigation to cleanse themselves of the skunk spray.

Byron York states that the Mueller investigation will not result in Trump's impeachment or an indictment. Mueller will turn over his recommendations to the House of Representatives

Laura Ingraham spent years as a white collar crime criminal defense attorney. She knows something about prosecuters. Their business is getting people indicted, and putting scalps up on the wall. Patrick Fitzgerald knew from the beginning who leaked Valerie Plame's identity, but wanted a scalp from the Bush administration, and got it: Scooter Libby.

Did you know Trump will allow dreamers to stay in the United States? He better get that wall built.

People such as the Alexandria shooter steep themselves in hatred of Trump morning, noon, and night. Even after losing nearly everything, the Dems remain on the attack. Meanwhile, the Republicans are slow-walking Trump's legislative agenda.

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