Thursday, June 15, 2017

"Close Aides" to Intelligence chiefs leaking to the New York Times and Washington Post. Give them lie detector tests today!

Any time either the Washington Post or New York Times gets one of their anonymous leaks, it is called by them a "major turning point" in the investigation. As the slow moving coup continues, those two newspapers report that it is now turning into an investigation of Donald Trump for "obstruction of justice." However, as Alan Dershowitz points out, the President of the United States can fire anyone in the executive Branch at any time.

The Mueller investigation is free-floating, free-form, not to be questioned. He is staffed with top donors to Hillary Clinton. People involved in the investigation are leaking. They know how to use the media. Remember, Mueller is the guy who got rid of any references to radical Islam in the FBI training manuals!

Laura believes the way Comey was fired by Trump was not good. She would either have fired him on day one, or just said to him, "Let's get it done." In Laura's opinion, Trump is breaking a lot of china in the china shop on his way out the door.

Laura is also frustrated that there are so few Republican Senators raising questions.

Five people briefed on the interviews with intel chiefs were not authorized to speak publicly but did speak to the media. Laure wishes Attorney General Sessions would find out who those "close aides" are, and subject them to lie detector tests immediately. They are Obama holdovers. The Post and the Times say the investigation is "cloaked in secrecy." Bull! They are leaking every day!

Another mistake that was made was to put Rod Rosenstein in as Assistant Attorney General. He was a trusted Obama man.

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