Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Where are Christian leaders in Europe and America?

Tucker Carlson's show last night focused quite a bit on the world's Christians. Where are our Christian leaders? Why have they not spoken out against the killings in Egypt on Palm Sunday? In Europe from 2010-2015 there were 5.6 million more deaths than births among Christians, while Muslims increased. Now our globe is 31% Christian, and 24% Muslim, with Muslims gaining and Christians dropping.

Tucker also is focusing all week on America's opioid problem, which is the worst drug addiction crisis in American history. Opioids kill 91 people per day in America. 4 out of 5 addicts started with prescription painkillers. 3310 people in Ohio died of heroin overdoses in 2015.

Author Christopher Caldwell reports that it escalated in the 1990s when drug companies like Purdue lobbied for the treatment of pain relief as a "human right." The Sackler family that owns Purdue have become billionaires. There are opioids called fentanyl being produced in Mexico and China that are extremely dangerous.

Here is last night's Tucker Carlson show.

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