Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Assange: A traitor, or a savior?

Today Laura Ingraham had as a guest on her radio program Julian Assange of Wikileaks. Assange points out that Wikileaks has a ten-year record of accuracy and a ten-year record of protecting their sources. He has published over 800,000 documents on Russia and over 1,000,000 on Syria. He and his staff are very angry about Russia getting credit for the investigative work that has been done by Wikileaks.

Assange pointed out that the largest single project of the CIA was to overthrow Assad. Has Trump compromised with the CIA? Has the Deep State "digested" Donald Trump?

Is the evidence of Assad's alleged chemical weapons attack "incontrovertible?" Other players in the region (Turkey, al Nusra, ISIS) are perfectly capable of creating elaborate hoaxes.

Assange believes that although our intelligence agencies have multi-million dollar technology budgets, they are often incompetent in using that technology.

The Gang of Eight from Congress that is supposed to oversee the intelligence agencies are busy politicians. It is farcical to think tey are really overseeing the intelligence agencies, which have over 100,00 employees and 500,000 contractors! The contractors funnel money back into the political system as donations to politicians. They have "unparalleled ability to blackmail people."

Syria is maintaining innocence and inviting us to "bring in your investigators."

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