Saturday, April 08, 2017

Tucker Carlson show 4-7-2017

Tucker Carlson has a really good interview with Senator Lindsey Graham about the missile attack on Syria. Then, Tucker notices that the New York Times and Washington Post say that the opposition to the missile attacks comes from white nationalist groups. Tucker wonders why white nationalists would be against bombing a non-white country. Tucker then gives us his view that those news organs choose "news" designed to smear and deceive, rather than inform.

Then he has Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard from Hawaii, whose chief complaint is that Trump should have taken this to Congress, before launching missiles.

That interview was followed by an interview with a Swedish journalist concerning the terrorist who stole a truck and mowed people down in Stockholm. The journalist described her country as "in a state of woeful ignorance" about Islamic terror. "We have been in denial that borders matter!" Nigel Farage agreed.

The next guest was a young man from Columbia University, which has decided to make two safe spaces available; one for gays, and one for blacks. Tucker asked if we have come full circle back to segregation.

Lastly, a young man en route to China via North Korea was detained in North Korea. His parents are asking the Trump administration for help, which they did not receive from the Obama administration.

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