Saturday, April 08, 2017

Laura Ingraham show all about the missile attacks

This Laura Ingraham podcast of her radio show Friday is worth your time. As you may know, Laura was one of the first to steadfastly support Trump. But that was when Trump campaigned as a non-interventionist.

Laura raises many questions about the missile attack on the Syrian airfield. First, she wonders if Trump needed a Congressional declaration of war to attack a sovereign nation.

Laura points out that both Assad and Hussein protected Christians in Syria and Iraq. Laura wonders if we are going to get involved militarily everywhere Islamists are committing atrocities around the world. In South Sudan, for example, Islamists are going from village to village committing atrocities.

Laura is concerned about rumors that Trump is going to the swamp to replace Reince Priebus as Chief of Staff. Three names are being floated, all establishmentarians to the fullest. Representative Kevin McCarthy of California, Gary Cohn, a Democrat from Goldman Sachs, and a lobbyist named Wayne Berman. She calls them all "Swamp Monsters."

One of her guests is Sebastian Gorka, Deputy Assistant to the President. He tried to reassure Laura that "We are not feckless, like Obama." "We are not living in the world as we would like it to be, but in the world as it is!" (a concept straight from the mouth of Saul Alinsky)! He further sought to assure Laura that "there will not be mission creep," as there was with George W. Bush." "if you are not prepared to use force, then diplomacy is worthless!"

Laura is upset that people like Rubio, Graham, McCain and Friedman from the NY Times all approved of Trump's actions. When George w. Bush got us entrenched in Iraq and Afghanistan, it led to 8 years of Obama, trillions more in debt, and two Supreme Court Justices.

Laura concludes, if super-limited, Trump will be okay. Otherwise, it will be the beginning of the Left rising again.

She ends the program with Rand Paul, who spoke kindly of Trump as a man with "good instincts," but Rand said, the only way to come out of this unified as a country is a vote in Congress.

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