Wednesday, April 12, 2017

The Russians are coming, Sanctuary Cities, opioid catastrophe, voter i.d. laws, and what to do about Assad

On last night's Tucker Carlson show Tucker continued his tradition of inviting people on the show who are espousing ridiculous (but popular with Democrats and the media) views. Tucker is still trying to get Democrats to admit that their "Russians colluded with Trump" story of the 2016 election is unsubstantiated. His first guest was a senior member of the foreign relations committee in Congress, a Democrat from California. He admits that it is the goal of Democrats is to get Trump to "bend over backwards" and prove to us that he is not colluding with Russians.

Tucker brings on Katie Hopkins of the Daily Mail, one of my favorites. Katie asks, if you get rid of Assad, then what? He is secular and has been protecting Christians. All of his enemies are Islamists, who will certainly not protect Christians.

His next guest is co-founder of Queen's Law and Associates. She is upset because, while Mayor De Blasio says NYC is a sanctuary city, the NYPD is notifying ICE when illegals have court dates, after committing crimes. Tucker asks her if she had been the one who was raped on the subway by an illegal immigrant, would she feel differently? She answered that this is not about individual cases; she just wants the NYPD and Mayor to be on the same side: the sanctuary city side.

Next, Tucker tackled the issue of voter i.d. laws. His guest was a woman from Texas who claimed that having a voter i.d. requirement discriminates against black and latino citizens. Tucker pointed out that people are required to have voter i.d. to get government benefits, a gun, a job, a checking account, to register their kids for school, so why not to vote? Whose fault is it if someone forgets to bring their i.d. to the polling place?

Tucker continued his week-long series on America's heroin epidemic. In one poor county in Kentucky, Clay County, it was found that 140 doses of synthetic heroin had been prescribed for every man, woman, and child in Clay county. Medicaid pays for these prescriptions. A Brandeis professor said that the problem is physicians overprescribing (money, money, money). He said the bulk of prescribing is for people complaining of chronic pain conditions, rather than the way it used to be, which was for end-of-life or post-surgery pain.

Chick-Fil-A once donated to a group that opposed gay marriage. Some people at Duquesne University are trying to prevent Chick-Fil-A from opening a restaurant on their campus.

Watch the whole thing below.

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