Saturday, May 06, 2017

Standing up for free speech and sanity

I appreciate the fact that Tucker Carlson remains consistent in standing up for free speech and sanity.

He notes that Hillary is back from walking in the Chappaqua woods, and she has decided that she lost because of FBI Director Comey
and the media.

TucTer speaks out against media cowards, specifically referring to Dave Weigle of the Washington Post, who turned down Tucker's invitation to come on the show, saying he wanted to watch a movie.

Governor Abbott of Texas plans to sign any legislation fining and/or jailing public officials for not cooperating with ICE.

There is a park bench in Pennsylvania that has a small sign saying, "Men who aren't governed by God will be governed by tyrants." American Atheists sued the little town and got the sign removed. Now they want to put up a sign advertising their organization.

The organist in Indiana who committed fake crimes in the name of Donald Trump has been featured in several positive stories in the extremely biased Washington Post.

A UCLA professor has been harassed and fired for being conservative.

Maryland prosecutors have dropped rape charges against the two illegal immigrant boys who had sex with a girl in the school bathroom, saying that the sex was consensual. The boys still face child pornography charges and deportation.

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