Saturday, May 06, 2017

#Black Lives Matter are now off the streets? Mayor Emmanuel can stomach nightly murders, but not Chik Fil A! Trump's tough talk has been like a wall preventing illegal immigration, Whom would you dread interviewing?

If you want a show that is more lively, try The Five. Four of the Five are conservative, leaving Juan Williams to speak up for Democrats. But there is still a lively expression of opinions.

One person who doesn't want different opinions is Ellen Degeneres. When Matt Lauer asked her if she would like to interview President Trump, she said no, because he is against everything she stands for. Like what, gay marriage? Nope. Greg Gutfeld opined that she was playing to her audience, who cheered at her answer to Lauer's question.

The mayor of Chicago can stomach nightly murders, but not chicken from Chik Fil A. Everybody but Juan Williams piled on Mayor Emmanuel. Juan said Baltimore, New Orleans and one other place have crime rates worse than Chicago. Juan assured us that #Black Lives Matter are "now off the streets" "trying to build bridges." An FBI study concluded that Chicago police are making conscious decisions to avoid policing certain neighborhoods to avoid charges of racism/

Trump's tough talk has acted like a wall in discouraging illegal immigration.

Whom would you dread interviewing? Kimberley said, "The Devil" Greg disagreed. He thought the devil would be a "great get."

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