Friday, May 05, 2017

Trump's way of talking, Nancy Pelosi's threats, Puerto Rico belly up, Trayvon Martin graduates, health care, North Korea's viagra, Merkel's Cabana Boy, airline industry

Mark Steyn hosted the Rush Limbaugh Show today. He started the show talking about the way Trump connects with people. Apparently, George Will has written a critique of Trump's way of talking. Though he broke all established rules of politics, Trump connected with people emotionally and humorously. People believed Trump was being authentic.

Some items I learned from listening to Mark today:
Nancy Pelosi has warned that Republicans will have their health care votes tattooed on them!

Puerto Rico is going belly up and is closing 184 public schools.

Trayvon Martin is getting a posthumous degree from Florida Memorial University.

Mark thinks maybe the best solution to the health care debate is to have a single-payer government program and a really good private system.

North Korea's only export is a knock-off viagra. Kim Jong U's missiles work just like his viagra. They go up momentarily, then collapse!

Merkel's Cabana Boy Macron will likely win the French election.

After 9-11 our airline industry changed. Lots of new government regulations, people not treated as well.

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