Saturday, May 06, 2017

How the Left uses language, Is Trump a threat? Is masculinity being attacked?

In this episode of the Andrew Klavan show, Andrew takes a look at the way the left uses language. To Leftists, #Black Lives Matter really means "Black Lives don't really matter They are a tool of my leftism." "Controversial" immigration enforcement means it is completely uncontroversial.

Christina Hoff Sommers asked, "Is Trump a threat?" Then she answers her own question, "No! He doesn't have a long enough attention span to be a threat. Andrew has lots of problems with Trump, but he notices that Trump has "all the right enemies."

Christina says the moral panic going on on so many college campuses does not solve problems.

Camille Paglia has a new book pointing out that historically the end stage of civilization comes when masculinity is being attacked. Those educators who are so worried about the patriarchy are making sure little boys are not favored in our schools. Little girls are favored and are doing much better in schools than boys. Christina notices that men do not tend to organize around their victimization.

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