Monday, April 10, 2017

"Trump needs to stay strong, and tweet, “Hasta la vista, liberals.”

Kurt Schlicter is worried. He writes at Town Hall,
Trump’s danger comes from his friends, and from enemies disguised as friends. Some of his friends are useful for keeping him focused on the promises he made and the people he made them to – conservative promises. Steve Bannon, for example, is an invaluable conduit into the conservative movement that provided the impetus to his victory. Jeff Sessions is going to vacuum the Obama reek from the outhouse that is the Department of Intermittent Justice. Trump needs conservative voices like these whispering in his ear to keep him from wandering off the reservation at the suggestion of misguided friends and covert enemies.

Trump is not an ideological conservative, though ideological conservatism is the stallion upon which he rode into the White House. He is a New York City Republican, which means he’s a bit liberalish by inclination. So are many around him, and some are not Republican at all. They will push him, cajole him, plead with him, not to listen to those nutty, kooky, crazy conservatives because conservatives are so nutty, kooky and crazy. Trump needs to politely ignore these voices of defeat.

Some will push him because they really think Trump should turn his back on a huge chunk of his voters in the hope of … what? A huge chunk of the Democrat Party coming around and embracing him? Really? What is the name of the Democrat senator Trump can win over by shafting conservatives and breaking his promises? Name one. Just one. I’m waiting. I’m still waiting. Okay, I’m getting impatient now, just like Hillary does at 4:50 p.m. when people are watching and she can’t pour herself a Crown Royal a smidge early to take away the pain of her humiliating defeat.

...No, we cannot get hip-deep in another Middle Eastern quicksand pit. Yes, we can zap the bugs when they get uppity, but no more Trump-voters’ kids from Tennessee are going to get waxed in some endgame-free sand trap while the spawn of the people who sent them there march around protesting pronoun misgendering hate crimes at Rich Kid U.

...Trump can win it all. He has been winning. But he needs to always remember why he got here. He made promises to a center-right electorate to aggressively pursue center-right policies. When Trump does that – whether by naming incredible justices, by repealing job-killing rules imposed by weird weather cultists, or by inflicting decisive damage on America’s enemies without dragging us into another ground war that his own voters would largely have to fight – Trump wins. But if he were to listen to his well-meaning friends and his not-so-well-meaning “friends” counseling him to go flaccid and proggy, then he loses. He becomes a bad sequel to The Failurenator. And, for a change, Arnold will laugh at him.

Trump needs to stay strong, and tweet, “Hasta la vista, liberals.”
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