Wednesday, April 05, 2017

Obama's Political Espionage Scandal

At Ace of Spades, JJ Sefton writes,
If (and it's still a big if) there is actual evidence that can be corroborated and presented before a judge, what would the ramifications be of prosecuting Susan Rice, Ben Rhodes, Evelyn Farkas and perhaps Barack Obama himself? The nation is a red nether hair's breadth away from tearing itself apart, if it has not done so already. PDT would be well justified in throwing the book at them. But it would no doubt be spun as political persecution/repression and a pretext for the Left to escalate an already tepid civil war.

But our nation cannot heal itself and survive if its leaders are seen to be free to commit high crimes and misdemeanors. And that statement reveals my feelings on the matter. Sadly, I fear that DC will go on protecting its own, despite what has happened. But, the "X" factor of Donald Trump still looms large.

As usual, there are some good comments at the Ace blog. Commenter Excelsior 007 writes,
Time to play offense. Prosecute to the fullest extent of the law all of them. Eric Holder- fun running op. Lois Lerner IRS targeting. Farkas,Mills,B.Rhodes, Clapper, all of them for domestic spying and violation of the Constitutional right to privacy. BTW, Cheryl Mills Printing detailed call logs? That is something one does when they are going to meetings with co-workers and the CEO for handouts and operational review and planning. Show-trials for all of them?

JJ Sefton replied,
A friend told me that there has to be hard, corroborated evidence that Rice did what she did and for the reasons she did it before you can take it to court. Perhaps full immunity for Farkas before she ends up like Vince Foster?

Anyway, the hurdles are pretty steep. Even just convincing PDT and Sessions to go for it.

Hat tip to Mr. Peebles

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