Saturday, April 08, 2017

I'd like money back, please!

The Times of Israel reports,
Hundreds of runners took part in Tehran’s first-ever marathon on Friday, but many women were outraged to find they could only run a short distance in a closed-off stadium.

While men ran through Iran’s capital in the morning, women were allowed to run just 10 kilometers (six miles) in Azadi stadium in the afternoon — with no male spectators or officials permitted.

Many were baffled by the move, since there are no rules against men and women running together in Iran — and joggers of both sexes are often seen in parks and public areas.

“I registered but I quit. I took back my 500,000 rials ($15) because we were deceived,” Nasim, an architect in her 30s, told AFP.
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hat tip Misanthropic Humanitarian, who asks,
Why don't all those pussy hat wearin' broads go to Iran? It appears the women of Iran need some 'woman power'. I'll start a Go Fund Me campaign.

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