Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Fresno killer, Allahu Akbar, MS-13 gang, new book about Hillary campaign called "Shattered"

The Tucker Carlson Show April 17 took a look at the Fresno man who killed three people, maybe four, and shouted Allahu Akbar when arrested. AP translated that phrase to mean "God is great."Robert Spencer wrote in 2015 at Breitbart,
"Media outlets routinely mangle the true meaning of “Allahu akbar,” the ubiquitous battle cry of Islamic jihadists as they commit mass murder.

"The war-cry is mistranslated in the Western media as “God is great.” But the actual meaning is “Allah is greater,” meaning Allah Is Greater Than Your God or Government.

"It is the aggressive declaration that Allah and Islam are dominant over every other form of government, religion, law or ethic, which is why Islamic jihadists in the midst of killing infidels so often shout it.

"One primary purpose of shouting is to “strike terror in the hearts of the enemies of Allah.”

Jeff Sessions came on the show to assure Tucker that he intends to stop the members of the MS-13 gang from illegally entering America. There are now 10,00 members in 40 states who have been sent here by the MS-13 gang leaders in El Salvador to commit crimes. Sessions said that in March we had the lowest number of illegals come into our country in seventeen years!

A new book about Hillary Clinton's campaign came out yesterday, called "Shattered." One of the heretofore unknown facts it presents is that after her 2008 loss to Barack Obama Hillary secretly downloaded all of her staffers' emails, then interrogated her staff without revealing to them that she had spied on them!

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