Tuesday, April 04, 2017

Doing what they can to ensure that “democracy dies in darkness.”

Bookworm writes today about what some Obama-appointed judges see as their job:
A judge’s job is to apply the law to the undisputed facts — except when the judge is an Obama appointee and the defendant is Donald Trump. Then, the judge’s job becomes to apply his imagination to Donald Trump’s psyche and, using his rich, partisan, paranoid, hate-filled imagination as a guide, invariably to rule against the President.

the WaPo’s new motto:

I know that the bright minds at the WaPo mean it to assure their Progressive audience that they will be shining a light on President Trump’s nefarious schemes. However, reading it in light of the revelations about the Obama administration’s spying, illegal unmasking of names, and even more illegal dissemination of names and facts, along with the decision by the Obama judges to abandon legal standards . . . well, suddenly the new motto sounds like a game-plan. Yes, indeed. The WaPo is doing what it can
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