Thursday, April 13, 2017

Does Trump have a shallow ego?

A caller named Pedro called into the Rush Limbaugh Show today. It reminded me of something I have become increasingly aware of: the way the Left/media/Democrats develop memes to try to influence or manipulate Trump. Pedro referred to Time Magazine and Saturday Night Live joining forces to present a meme that Bannon was the real person in charge at the White House, which caused Trump to pour water on that theory, and now there is much speculation that Bannon may be on the way out. It worked! They got to Trump's ego, and he denied to Michael Goodwin at the New York Post that he even needs a strategist!

There have been several examples of this unified approach of the Left/media/Democrats to manipulate Trump lately (Russian/Trump collusion is another example). The Left/media/Democrats are convinced Trump has a shallow ego that can be manipulated.

Unlike Trump, the Left/media/Democrats are totally ideological and political. They join together to get rid of the people they fear.

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