Wednesday, May 10, 2017

A bigger scandal

Sundance writes at The Last Refuge, (excerpts)
Director Comey is openly admitting to beginning an intelligence operation/investigation in July 2016 and intentionally not notifying congress until March 2017. In essence, he is completely operating without oversight.

However, did you hear a single member of the Gang of Eight raise objection to this stunning revelation?

Comey is admitting to keeping the Go8 in the dark. Comey is admitting to intentionally acting without oversight. Did a single member of the Go8 call for his removal? Did they protest this action? Did they demand to know why he felt empowered to violate the checks-and-balances?


Not a single member of the oversight Gang of Eight raised an eyebrow after this testimony. Why?

What is the purpose of oversight when the people doing the oversight don’t care if a non-elected official can operate independent of oversight?

Answer those questions and you can see the depth of the swamp.

This is a much bigger issue than President Trump firing James Comey. This reality represents the structural collapse of a primary function of government.

Here’s where it gets interesting. Pay close attention to the names and actions by congressional leadership as they respond to Director James Comey’s firing.

Nunes and Shiff are the head of the House Permanent Committee on Intelligence. Burr and Warner are the heads of the Senate Intelligence Committee. Ryan and Pelosi are the heads of the House. McConnell and Schumer are the heads of the Senate.

The group functions as the Gang-of-Eight as a result of their position in congress and on the oversight committees. Yet it would appear they held no active interest in oversight of FBI Director James Comey’s intelligence activity.

Why is that?
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