Monday, May 08, 2017

"Your lying about an apocalypse now will lead to your apocalypse then."

Kurt Schlichter writes at Town Hall,
...Of course, one might think that the fact that the oceans didn’t swallow us in 2009 like Al Gore promised would be an inconvenient truth, but no. Your citation to observable data merely identifies you as a denier. Liberals sure freakin’ love their #science, but #hashtag #science methodology doesn’t involve objectively analyzing data, then refining or discarding the original theory when the evidence does not support it. #Science involves liberals shrieking until they either terrify or bore the normals into submission and the normals finally hand liberals their power and money. #Science isn’t a process – it’s a pose and a grift.

But, here’s the problem – you look really, really lame if you scream about how the end of the world is coming in just a few short years, then a few years later there’s no mushroom cloud at the end of the rainbow. The weird weather religion cultists can’t translate their jeremiads into actual legislation in large part because normal people expect that if there’s really global warming it will actually get hotter. Every froth-lipped paranoid who screamed that we have just five years left back in 2007 has to contend with the troublesome fact that we haven’t been baked, drowned or frozen. False alarms are a bad look – 1970’s ice age rage, anyone?

The same with the Obamacare repeal. What happens when 2018 rolls around and the streets aren’t littered with the corpses of hard-working Americans deprived of coverage by the malignant Thurston Howells of the GOP? Probably the same thing that happened in 2014 – the Democrats will look stupid, again, and get righteously pummeled. So bring on 2018, you paranoid prediction pinkos. Your lying about an apocalypse now will lead to your apocalypse then.
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